Step 3:

Create A Camp Profile

Have you previously had access to the Virtual Campsite?

If so, skip ahead to Step 5!

Once you've received confirmation that your CampBrain registration was a success, it's now time to move onto the fun part - creating your camp profile! On this form, enter your information into each of the fields and submit your request for a Camp E-aster Seals account.

Keys to Success:

(1) We cross-reference the email address you provide in this form to the one you provided in CampBrain - be sure that you use the same email so we know it's you!

(2) Your first and last name will what will be visible on the Virtual Campsite, be sure you enter the camper's name so that others will recognize you

(3) Please keep a record of the email address and password that you input - these will be needed when logging-into your account in the future

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