Step 4:

Await Acceptence Email

After creating a Camp E-aster Seals profile, the camp team must ensure that the data that was entered in your profile matches what was provided in CampBrain. Once your information has been cross-referenced with the CampBrain system, you'll be set-up with a camp profile and never have to do this step again!

This step is usually quite prompt and you will likely receive acceptance within 24-hours of creating your profile. If you still haven't heard back from us after 24-hours of waiting for profile acceptance please follow-up with us directly. Chances are that if you're waiting longer,  there was an issue with your registration and we will have to manually process your account.

If you have been waiting longer than 24-hours since completing creating your profile, please contact us to check on the status of your virtual camp profile.

Keys to Success:

(1) Please remember to be patient while waiting for this message to appear in your inbox, expect it to take up to 24-hours to be processed

(2) Sometimes emails get sucked into the junk folder - be sure to actively check your junk/spam folders while waiting to receive the confirmation message

(3) If you've realised that you made an error while creating your camp profile, simply return to step 3 and create another profile - our system will automatically void previous attempts

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