Step 4:
Receive Session Information

On the Saturday preceding your registered camp session you will receive an email with all the information for the week of camp. If you have not previously created a Camp E-aster Seals profile for yourself, log-in information will be sent to you to access the Virtual Campsite as a seperate message.

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You are encouraged to join the Camp E-aster Seals technical coordinator, Ben M. in his office hours on Sunday afternoons if you need more guidance to remote camping or need help accessing the Virtual Campsite for camp programming.

If you have not received the session information on the Saturday evening before your registered camp session, please contact the camp team, who will be quick to look into your situation and take swift action accordingly.

Keys to Success:

(1) Session information will come in the form of a cabin assignment email - please be sure to check ALL your inboxes on Saturday to ensure you're informed

(2) If you have a previously created account, please access the Virtual Campsite using those log-in credentials 

(3) If you encounter issues or need assistance, please contact the camp team, we're happy to help!

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